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Art is neither past nor future. If he is not present, he is nothing.

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Original works sold by its author, as well as their copies.


Original works sold by its author, as well as their copies.

Pandemic 2020

Original – Copy

Didier Raoult

Original – Copy

Mickey 2 versions

Original – Copy

Tree frog

Original – Copy

Mechanical green

Original – Copy

Perfect flower

Original – Copy

Hand of god

Original – Copy

Rhinoceros 101120

Original – Copy

Rhinoceros 91120

Original – Copy

Portrait 11120

Original – Copy


Original – Copy


Original – Copy


Original – Copy


Original – Copy


Original – Copy

Marthe Keller

Original – Copy


Original – Copy

Barrier Gestures

Original – Copy

Religious lover

Original – Copy


Original – Copy


Original – Copy

Minotaur AllCool

Original – Copy

Culture of good thinking

Original – Copy

The Mongol horseman

Original – Copy

Elixir of long life

Original – Copy


Oeuvres originales vendus par son auteur, ainsi que leurs copies.

Selfie me love me

Original – Copy

Muhammad Ali

Original – Copy

The Gladiator

Original – Copy

Cat perched

Original – Copy

AFP info Discount

Original – Copy

My friend Bruno and his faults

Original – Copy

I hear Whistling the train

Original – Copy

My seeder

Original – Copy

Dance of the full moon

Original – Copy

h5 class=”font-400″>I love myself and you

Original – Copy

tmpx-en Original creations gallery

Atelier de sculpture tmpx

Welcome everyone, I am happy to welcome you to my world – tmpx-en

Together, let us marvel at these acrylic colors fresh out of the paint tubes. Do not hesitate to send me your opinions and impressions on my latest paintings, as well as your favorites. I’d be happy to chat with you in just a few clicks.


For the record, I was born in the capital of artists where the color palettes find their sources and the contrasts, their brilliance, in Paris in 1960.

First contact with art

I waded through the culture of Art, before learning to walk.

I was born in it, I grew up in the workshop of my grandmother Biba who raised me. She was a painter and caricaturist. With a story of Russian refugee from the great Bolshevik revolution of 1917. She mainly worked on reproductions of great contemporary artists, such as the oldest, among others, Vermeer, Ambrosius Bosschaert, Balthasar van der Ast or Brueghel and many others.

His work consisted in putting into relief, on photos pasted on canvas stretched over frames, brush strokes, lines and dabbing … With a white glue which became transparent on drying.

Dozens of reproductions were placed here and there and changed every fortnight.

At the age of three, my grandmother Biba discovered my drawing skills. This painter, great teacher, taught me a lot. It allows me to give free rein to my creativity with all its tools, in benevolence and without reserve, until his disappearance, I was 21 years old.

I’ve been fortunate to have had great art studies, above all, guided by an exceptional person. With a constant need, to produce artistic creations.

A need that also allowed me, among other things, to develop technical skills in photography, during my adolescence. Beyond the darkroom, passing by the shooting. I understand very quickly, with rare exceptions, the importance of the rule of thirds, to sublimate the movement of images.

My autonomy

At 20, I lose my father, so much so that his mother Biba will not recover. We all lived together with a brother and three sisters. Therefore I become the head of the family.

Surprisingly, this new role under these conditions makes me stronger. This brutally imposed maturity will guide me throughout my life towards independent professional careers.

These upheavals were expressed, at the time, in stone sculptures, with a mixture of Gargoyle and pre-Columbian styles. I sell several sculptures and paintings in bistros. These will be my first exhibitions and my first sales.

My life journey

In my thirties, I land at the gates of Orleans with a wife and children. To support my family, I set up a building business.

During my free time, I always draw, and am also interested in the mastery of molding on the human body. These plaster casts, more towering, will be used to make wall lights, which I will sell with difficulty, for lack of visibility.

A few years later, during a turnaround, I changed into a self-employed pizza chef. My restaurant will also serve me as an exhibition hall.

Nickname, tmpx – tmpx-en

tmpx comes partly from my children. Like everyone else, I went by the ordinary name of dad. Then came in the 1990s, papax. Until the day it became Tampax. It made us laugh a lot, Tampax being still a brand of hygienic tampons today.

Hearing my children call me Tampax, my friend Renaud, had a good, embarrassed laugh. However, his education prevented him from naming me Tampax. So, with diplomacy, he preferred to use the acronym Tampax. Either tmpx, which we adopted, was indeed more politically correct.

Back to Paris

In the early 2000s, divorce was declared, I was fortunate to have custody of my three children, then a teenager. Times are tough indeed, but fortunately, drawing, painting, sculpture are with me to relieve this sometimes trying everyday life.

Back in the Paris countryside, with ULM instructor certificates in my pocket, I run my school. Despite my development, I make little living.


In 2014 an opportunity was offered to me, my paintings were exhibited in a gallery in the Marais in Paris. My dream is taking shape…

My dear children are now independent. As a result, with less responsibility on my shoulders, I can devote myself entirely to my aspiration.

Four years later, I invest myself full time in what has always made me travel. With my mentor who has always accompanied me with tenderness, 40 years after his death …

My paintings followed an evolution during my journey. Fine connoisseurs can find the same constant there: acrylic, a mixture of colors, the movement of contrast in harmony in its space.

A little figurative at the very beginning of my career, my paintings become neo-expressionist, with an aesthetic around movement and color contrasts.

Some classify me in trendy Pop Art underground. Why not, once the work is finished, the look on my creations no longer belongs to me.


Inspired by Picasso (who wouldn’t be ?), Miro, Pollock, Condo, Basquiat, Barcelo and many others: Brueghel, Munch, Van Gogh, Modigliani, Utrillo, Sérusier, Gauguin, Degas, Cézanne, Matisse, Dix, Chagall, Monet, Manet, Renoir, Lautrec… They cradled my childhood in my grandmother Biba’s breeding workshop.

She did not have time to see the arrival of the neo-expressionist pictorial phenomenon, which appeared in the 1980s. But which, through her gaze, her pedagogy and her studies, transmitted it to me, without knowing it. I am rather nonconformist, my fascination for this art is obvious.

Georges Brassens the poet-anarchist as he liked qualified himself, frankly, influenced me a lot. I gather my inspirations, among others, in the facts of society, as in nature, in mythologies, like the history of art. Wherever emotion can be rationalized.

To denounce, in drawing, the politically correct, or else, to compose as I see fit. I revel in this freedom of expression.

I draw as I dream, in short, it is twisted, but framed. Some will say in a friendly way, that I would have psychiatric problems, all in all, it is for me one of the best compliments.

2018 – Full time

The creation of a site to e-trade my paintings, symbolizes change, victory over the torments of life.

My paintings allow me wonderful projects: to have multiple print, TV, web publications, to appear in galleries, to exhibit in prestigious hotels, such as the Carlton in Cannes and the Westin place Vendôme in Paris, to participate in many contemporary art fairs (including Brussels, Paris, Rome…), to be honored in a small museum in Montparnasse, to collaborate with interior architects, to create an online gallery, to meet more and more people clairvoyant and inspiring.

After Paris, Orléans, I am now living in the Oise. I stay connected to my gallery owners, collectors as well as journalists who are very interested in my Art. No matter where my workshop is located, my paintings will continue to circulate freely, and the Internet remains the best vehicle for this!

Thank you very much for your attention. tmpx-en