Original paintings

Original paintings

Original paintings.

  • Original paintings signed with certificates of authenticity.
  • Unique works.
  • Acrylic paint on Alu Composite, canvas or wood.

Acrylic painting

Acrylic painting is a relatively young art, which appeared in the middle of the 20th century.

The flexibility of acrylic is for me a great alternative to traditional oil painting. Above all, acrylic opened up many possibilities for me to sublimate my creations. Acrylic paint has unique properties, which gives me artistic possibilities impossible to do with oil paint.

The acrylic is made from a synthetic water-based resin, therefore it binds the pigments. This chemical composition means that it does not contain toxic solvents, unlike oil paint.

It allows me to work without risking my health.

The great advantage of acrylic is that it is water-based, easy to change its consistency. I can use it in thick layers to create an effect similar to oil paints. Or thin it with water to create a watercolor effect.

I can also mix acrylic with pastes and gels to give it a unique texture and effect. Acrylic paint dries quickly, under these conditions, I produce as I think, no room for doubt. The best is the enemy of good.

The slow peculiarity of the oil can be considered an advantage for some. For me this particularity is above all, incompatible with improvisation.

I also didn’t use acrylic to create a splash effect, just like Jackson Pollock. Truth be told, I can apply it to any surface, that is, metal, canvas, paper or wood.

I can manipulate acrylic, under these conditions, with a wide variety of tools:
brushes, rollers, knives, airbrush, correction pens, pads, hands …

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