Cat perched – Copy Painting

Cat perched – Copy Painting


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Cat perched - original - painting neo expressionism - tmpx

Cat perched – Copy Painting

Digital – tmpx – April 29, 2019
Painting – tmpx – November 2019

Hahnemühle Fine Art Printing

: sociétale, trouble

Sizes cm : 75 x 60 x 0.3
Sizes inch : 29.53 x 23.62 x 0.12

Signed by the author

Cat perched – Copy Painting

Neo expressionism artwork tmpx – Cat perched – Copy Painting
Here > The original artwork tmpx

Bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder, formerly known as manic depression or wrongly bipolar, is a disease that affects mood regulation. The World Health Organization ranks it among the ten most disabling conditions.

Bipolars often suffer from emotional hyperactivity, and as much from reactive hyperemotivity.

Personality disorder

Borderline disorder, also called borderline personality disorder, is a complex psychiatric illness, the manifestations of which vary greatly from one person to another (in this case, we speak of significant polymorphism).

Generally, people who suffer from this mental illness have significant emotional and emotional instability.

They find it difficult to manage their emotions. They can get carried away easily, unpredictably, and behave impulsively.

Mood swings or feelings of emptiness are common.

Hyperemotives, these people are often in excess. They usually have a very bad self-image.

Often unstable on the relationship level, they can self-harm.

Risk behaviors (alcohol, drugs, games, diet …) are frequent for people suffering from borderline personality disorder; suicide attempts too.

Borderline disorder is sometimes classified between neurosis and psychosis. It has something in common with bipolar disorder and hyperactivity:

cyclothymia (rapid mood change).

Borderline disorder can lead to depression.

It is often associated with other personality disorders or other mental illnesses such as anxiety disorder, eating disorders, depressive disorders or ADHD.

It is difficult to share the daily life of borderline people due in particular to the symptoms of the disease.

It can be difficult to understand the behavior of the sick person.

Sometimes she manages to hide her illness from those around her. Despite difficult symptoms, people can live a normal life and work, with appropriate treatment and follow-up.

In some cases, hospitalization is necessary.

For some time, studies have confirmed the possibility of effectively treating this psychiatric illness.

Recently, borderline disorder was still considered incurable, which is no longer the case today.


Borderline disorder affects 2% of the population.

It would generally begin in late adolescence, early adulthood. But some studies speak of much earlier early symptoms during childhood.


The diagnosis of borderline disorder is difficult. It is based on a psychological evaluation and a consultation with a psychiatrist.

The signs and symptoms of the disease obviously guide the diagnosis.


Borderline disorder can lead to the development of other psychiatric illnesses such as depression, bipolar disorder, or generalized anxiety disorder.

It can also affect work, social life, self-esteem.

Borderline personalities often have addictive behaviors.

The suicide rate among borderline people is particularly high.


The causes of borderline personality disorder are multiple and not all well established.

This disease would in any case be multifactorial.

There are for example biological, chemical (notably lack of serotonin) but also genetic causes.

Abnormalities in the brain, especially in the area of ​​emotion regulation, could be responsible for the appearance of this borderline personality disorder.

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Sizes P (tmpx)

Size P15 : 75*60 cm – 29.53 x 23.62 inch
Size P20 : 100*80 cm – 39.37 x 31.49 inch
Size P25 : 125*100 cm – 49.21 * 39.37 inch
Size P30 : 150*120 cm – 59.05 * 47.24 inch

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HD – High Definition – 72 pp – 2500 px (bigger side)


Licence Creative CommonsDigital File
Better resolution on request

Original Painting Photography
This work is made available under the terms of the
Licence Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

The work can be used to make copies, broadcasts, modifications. But the name of the author “” must be visible.

Size 2500 px (Large side) – Maximum resolution 72 pp

The author of a work of the mind enjoys on this work, by the mere fact of its creation, an intangible property right exclusive and enforceable against all “. Article L. 111-1 of the intellectual property code (French)

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They are ideal for exhibitions, art collections and editions planned to last.
To comply with these requirements, high-quality, ultra-pure art papers are used as the paper base.
Natural felts of special design give these papers their unique surface.
This gives the pattern a three-dimensional character which improves the image result thanks to its high intensity.
FineArt papers made from cotton or alpha-cellulose are distinguished by their strong hand, their exceptional volume and their particular texture.

With high-resolution inkjet coating which enables impressive color and detail to be restored, producing magnificent contrasts and bringing out intense blacks, FineArt inkjet papers constitute a luxurious set of high quality products. range.

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