Societal tmpxSocietal theme.

Which relates to various aspects of social life, in general, of individuals. Assuming that they constitute, today, an organized Sociétal.

In society, the human and social sciences bring together many societal disciplines.

They seek to explain phenomena whose explanations are not biophysical.

But rather influences, social facts, of others, and even, of the environment on human actions, behaviors and attitudes.

His fields of research are numerous, ranging from geography to social psychology, including linguistics, demography, history, anthropology or sociology.

Currently, the humanities and social sciences can more or less converge with other fields of science.

This is the case with biology (especially in the environmental field).

Some also converge on physics and chemistry. Others strongly differ. Whole fields of the social sciences make use of mathematics, or even formalism.

Each discipline of the humanities and social sciences, has its own schools of thought, among other many methodological and theoretical approaches.

There is no universal principle or single denomination, although, each field of research has its peculiarities.

Since the end of the 20th century, would subjectivity regain the right of place, overall, in the human and social sciences?

In history, the publisher Pierre Nora introduced the notion of egos-history (1987), which allows historians to make themselves historians.

The researcher Ivan Jablonka proposed the notion of method to make the researcher’s subjectivity an epistemological tool.

Increase reflexivity, and introduce a literary dimension into the text.

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