YogaOrNot – Original Painting

YogaOrNot – Original Painting

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YogaOrNot – Original Painting

Digital – tmpx – May 24, 2020
Painting – tmpx – On Order
Acrylic painting on Alupanel
Themes: societal, Sport

Sizes: Choice of tmpx P sizes
Single work, only one size will be executed

Signed by the author
+ Certificate of authenticity

A single painting will be produced


YogaOrNot - original - painting neo expressionism - tmpx

YogaOrNot – Original Painting

Digital – tmpx – May 24, 2020
Painting – tmpx – On Order
Acrylic painting on Alupanel
Themes: societal, Sport

Sizes: Choice of tmpx P sizes
Single work, only one size will be executed

Signed by the author
+ Certificate of authenticity

YogaOrNot – Original Painting

Neo expressionism artwork tmpx – YogaOrNot – Original Painting
Here > Copies printed on Hahnemühle Fine Art paper

Relieving the pain of the elderly is essential.

For them, pain control increases autonomy.

The elderly person can move again, take care of himself and communicate with family or friends, which improves his morale and maintains his intellectual faculties.


The practice of yoga is an activity known to all, and practiced by the greatest number, whatever their age.

Indeed, from the yoga mat to the sun salutation, passing through mindfulness or torsion, it is a whole section of our body and our mind that we work, at 7 as at 77 years.

However, age can play a role in letting go and in the effectiveness of certain yoga postures. Enough to practice positive thinking!

But at what age are we considered a “senior” elsewhere ?

In the world of sport, they are less and less old. A slightly advanced example is that of the French Athletics Federation, which places the “senior” category at only 23 years old!

Everything is therefore relative, and muscle strengthening, flexion, alignment of the spine, or stretching will be accessible to everyone, even the oldest of us !

What is a senior in yoga ?

Whatever discipline you decide to practice, yoga class or not, there is an age that we consider to be that of maturity, of “senior”.

It is from this age that we consider that a certain respect for age must be carried out, and that we must adapt certain exercises to the body and the state of health of our elders. However, these are generalities offered by sport, because some people of this age are as young as many others.

Despite all this, it is obvious that certain courses can be offered to seniors, for the simple reason that despite all the exceptions that confirm the rule, most older people have a substantially similar level in yoga, as have young people.

A senior is therefore a person whose age is that of being retired (I let you guess who retires at what age!), And whose physical form does not allow for madness.

By “madness”, we mean breathing, alignment of the spine, muscle strengthening, flexibility and stress management.

All this cannot therefore be practiced in a deep and intensive way, but everything is possible when you are a senior, and we will probably learn a lot more from them in our yoga practice than many others. You just have to know how to balance the energy and the intensity of the lessons !

Adapting your yoga goals when you are a senior

Certainly, yoga is a very beautiful discipline, however, it is necessary to know how to best manage the objectives that we set as a senior, before we can even choose which type is most suitable for us.

Multiple desires and goals can therefore be distinguished, when one grasps yoga as an activity.

Thus, there is not one, there are not ten, but many, many goals that you can set when you decide to practice yoga and you are a senior.

Because beyond even 60 years old, our goals are formed, transformed, and give to see a vision of yoga the most beautiful, the most complete and the most appreciable possible, for all types of people, of course !


Whatever your age, when you are considered a senior, the ideal is to know how to behave to do justice to your body and to your yoga practice.

Whether we are 50 or 98, most of the time, our body is a little less reactive, a little less flexible, and much more difficult to manage after a certain age.

It is not a problem, but a fact, that you should know how to take into account to make the most of the benefits of yoga, whether it is breathing exercises, pranayama, or even greetings under the sun.

The idea, when you are a senior, is to follow group lessons, adapted to our state of health, so as not to practice yoga alone, and often poorly perform the postures, or even be mistaken in them.

The idea of Yoga

The idea, when practicing yoga, is still to achieve balance between your body, mind and spirit, regardless of age. Like what, yoga is open to everyone, you just have to know how to take advantage of it!

Among the types of yoga that can be favored when one reaches a certain age, or which correspond more to the problems encountered at this age, one could cite:

Yoga nidra, which will help more people whose sleep disorders become an obstacle and a concern,
The yoga most suited to back disorders, which is not too dynamic,
laughter yoga, mainly intended for all those who feel sad and alone, as we often see at retirement age.

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Acrylic Painting - Pigmentary

tmpx Peinture Pigmentaire - Etiquette sociétale

Today, only nostalgia can explain the use of oil paintings.

Acrylic pigment paints are a type of paint using pigments mixed with an aqueous emulsion of polyacrylic or polyvinyl synthetic resins, dilutable with water. Like oil paints, acrylic paints last over time, but oil paints are harmful and polluting. Today all cars are painted with water-based paints.

Aluminum Panel Painting


Aluminum Composite Panel
High-quality composite panel consisting of 2 Al5005 aluminum siding 0.3mm thick and a polyethylene core 2.4mm thick, for a total of 3mm.

Advantages of Alupanel composite panels:
– High quality visual appearance
– High-end support
– Lightweight
– Dimensional stability
– High rigidity
– Excellent flatness
– Resists shock, corrosion and UV

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