Pets or not


Animals or Animal – Pets, or not.

The term animal, is often used to distinguish the rest of the animal world from humans.

Common language also differs from biological in that ‘animal’ often refers to a certain size which excludes insects, among other things.

Men, since the dawn of time, have lent to pets or not, virtues or characteristics either human or divine.

Founding myths and mythologies make essential room for animals that are sometimes real (she-wolf, pale fox, Caucasian eagle), sometimes fantastic (hydra, dragon, thunderbird …).

The theme of the metamorphosis of man into animal often returns to it (Lycaon, Callisto) and many mythical beings are half-human, half-animal (bison woman, Minotaur).

Assured animals have become symbols, and we are not surprised that popular expressions are teeming with them (having the cockroach, becoming a goat, drowning the fish).

Many tales are anthropomorphic: African tales, for example, make certain animals archetypes of human qualities:

the hare (Lëk in Wolof) and the spider (Jargooñ) personify cleverness and intelligence, the hyena ( Bukki) greedy stupidity.

Animals hold a large place in the love vocabulary (doe, rabbit, dead toad of love) since the Song of songs (sheep, dove), but also in the insults (bittern, badly licked bear), moreover sometimes called “Bird names” …

Certain animal species have also been deified by certain peoples. Animals in the fiction worlds are always very abundant.

The animal martial art imitates animals, for their formidable martial efficiency.


Animal are unique in having the ball of cells of the early embryo develop into a hollow ball or blastula .

Animals have several characteristics that set them apart from other living things.

Animals are eukaryotic and multicellular, unlike bacteria, which are prokaryotic, and unlike protists, which are eukaryotic but unicellular.

Unlike plants and algae, which produce their own nutrients animals are heterotrophic, feeding

on organic material and digesting it internally. With very few exceptions, animals respire aerobically.

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