The Mongol horseman – Painting Copy

The Mongol horseman – Painting Copy


The Mongol horseman – Painting Copy

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The Mongol horseman - original - copy - painting neo expressionism - tmpx

The Mongol horseman – Painting Copy

Digital – tmpx – December 13, 2020
Painting – tmpx – February 13, 2020

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: societal, pets or not, allegory (visual arts)

Sizes cm : 74.5 x 60 x 0.3
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Signed by the author

The Mongol horseman – Painting Copy

Neo expressionism artwork tmpx – The Mongol horseman – Painting Copy

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Shukhert is a tamer of powerful semi-wild horses.

Native to nomadic tribes in the steppes of Darhat, on the border of Mongolia and Russian Siberia.

My inspiration comes from the documentary “Le cavalier Mongol” by Hamid Sardar 2019

Documentary by Hamid Sardar-Afkhami

Co-production: ARTE France, Les Gens Bien Production, Dreamcatcher Motion Pictures (France, 2019, 1H25MN)
In the Darhat steppes of Mongolia, a heroic rider sets off in pursuit of horse thieves.

In breathtaking natural settings, an epic documentary that looks like an oriental western.

For centuries, on the border between Mongolia and Russian Siberia, the nomadic tribes of the Darhat have lived from the breeding of powerful semi-wild horses, which accompany them during their seasonal migrations from the steppes to the mountains.

But in recent years, thieves from Tuva tribes have taken their herds to sell the animals to Russian slaughterhouses for a few rubles.

When his white stallion, an irreplaceable guardian of his horses against wolves, disappears, Shukhert, a skilled horseman and charismatic wrestler, sets off in pursuit of the bandits to find him and bring him back in time before winter.

  • A mad hunt in extreme conditions, which even leads this vigilante capable of everything:
    He makes his own ski touring skis in the forest
  • to be imprisoned for a few weeks

Incredible adventure

In the magnificent landscapes of the Mongolian steppes, Shukhert’s epic hunt takes on the appearance of an eastern western.

Nicknamed with respect by his people “the horse trainer”, so much his prowess to master them commands admiration, this engaging Mongol hero takes the viewer on an incredible adventure, closer to the daily life of nomads, between shamanism, rivalries and banditry .

Full of encounters and twists and turns, his journey also allows you to discover the mosaic of a complex region, crossed by multiple ethnic and socio-economic tensions.

With this sumptuous documentary, awarded at the International Film and Adventure Book Festival in La Rochelle in 2019, the photographer and director Hamid Sardar (Taïga) immerses us, through his knowledge of the Mongolian territory and culture, in the heart of a contemporary world still imbued with mystery, usually accessible only to initiates.

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