My friend Bruno and his faults – Painting Copy

My friend Bruno and his faults – Painting Copy


My friend Bruno and his faults – Painting Copy

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My friend Bruno and his faults - original - copy - painting neo expressionism - tmpx

My friend Bruno and his faults – Painting Copy

Digital – tmpx – March 2019
Painting – tmpx – November 2019

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: societal, alcohol

Sizes cm : 75 x 60 x 0.3
Sizes inch : 29.53 x 23.62 x 0.12

Signed by the author

My friend Bruno and his faults – Painting Copy

Neo expressionism artwork tmpx – My friend Bruno and his faults – Painting Copy

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There was a time and even today, alcoholism was not taken into account in the split of personality.

But the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, the strange case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is an allegory.

The novel, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, by Robert Louis Stevenson. Described, in my opinion, the symptom of alcoholism.

Dr. Jekyll, obsessed with his dual personality, is developing a drug to separate his good side from his bad.

It is the latter who, night after night, will finally take over and turn him into a monstrous Mister Hyde.

Of a group of alcohol consumers, a very small proportion will take the road to Mister Hyde and fill the vast majority of prisons.

But for the greatest number, like my friend Bruno, it is only a question of putting oneself in a euphoric and exalted state to party, to feel good, to create social bonds in conviviality.

All that is possible, unless bipolar, with alcohol intoxication …

The short-term effect, brain anesthesia, the medium-term addiction, and long-term the immune weakness.

Open door to various cancers, neurological diseases and premature aging.


Alcoholism, alcohol dependence, or ethylism, is the addiction to ethanol (ethyl alcohol) contained in alcoholic beverages.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized alcoholism as a disease since 1978 and defines it as “mental and behavioral disorders” related to frequent ingestion of ethyl alcohol.

This loss of control is generally accompanied by physical dependence characterized by a withdrawal syndrome upon cessation of consumption (drug dependence), mental dependence, as well as tolerance (need to increase doses to obtain the same effect).

One of the main features of this addiction is progression over time. Use without damage (called simple use) precedes risky use and harmful use (without dependence), then finally dependence.

Alcohol is a psychoactive substance at the origin of this dependence but it is also a toxic substance inducing harmful effects on health. Alcohol dependence is the cause of physical, mental and social damage.

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Size P30 : 150*120 cm – 59.05 * 47.24 inch

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