Minotaur AllCool – Original Painting

Minotaur AllCool – Original Painting

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Minotaur AllCool – Original Painting

Digital – tmpx – November 21, 2019
Painting – tmpx – On Order
Acrylic painting on Alupanel
Themes: Mythology, allegory (visual arts), alcohol

Sizes: Choice of tmpx P sizes
Single work, only one size will be executed

Signed by the author
+ Certificate of authenticity

A single painting will be produced


Minotaur AllCool - original - painting neo expressionism - tmpx

Minotaur AllCool – Original Painting

Digital – tmpx – November 21, 2019
Painting – tmpx – On Order
Acrylic painting on Alupanel
Themes: Mythology, allegory (visual arts), alcohol

Sizes: Choice of tmpx P sizes
Single work, only one size will be executed

Signed by the author
+ Certificate of authenticity

Minotaur AllCool – Original Painting

Neo expressionism artwork tmpx – Minotaur AllCool – Original Painting
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The great maze of alcoholism.


The Minotaur is the product of an ancestral culture and a drug called alcohol.
Daedalus is the foreman of alcoholism which goes from reasonable to addiction.
Or from the first drinks, the Labyrinth will grow with more or less complexity depending on its genes, its family and societal culture.
Theseus is a conscience from the Abyss.
And Ariane, self-esteem, still there, but inaudible.

Minotaur AllCool, is an allegory
All spirits are cool.

It took me years to go from festive alcoholism to festive intoxication.
And still other years for Minotaur’s influence to be total, that is to say, the moment when Daedalus’ work ends in chronic alcoholism.

And therefore violence, overdoses, irrational behavior, which resulted in an extremely difficult tomorrow. A feeling of shame at not being able to remember exactly what had happened the day before, memories forever clouded and a feeling of having done something wrong. I’m ashamed, I suffer from this weakness that Minotaur imposes on me.

The next morning, the effects of my friend the Minotaur fade, Theseus wakes up.
But what do I do with my life and especially this ordeal that I impose on my family and those around me.
Theseus quickly disappears at the first aperitifs. My friend Minotaur is stronger, it makes me stronger, more festive, with friends we have fun.

Delirium Minotaur

But sometimes, having passed a milestone in consumption, watch out for grains of sand, a misinterpreted word can awaken an exponential susceptibility depending on the blood alcohol level. And with Theseus, the shame of the next day resurfaces, the Minotaur won again.

Until that day, I was involved in a big brawl in a bistro. I was accompanied by my two sons. Unable to get back behind the wheel, the oldest one will bring us back with my car. He had fun driving, he was not yet thirteen.

I wake up the next morning, my face swollen. This time, Theseus was ruthless, no need for a mirror to realize my physical and moral decline, my shame is unbearable.

Theseus will take the opportunity to plant the banderillas before killing the Minotaur. But he will have to go through the Daedalus of my torments. Ariane will give him good advice and a ball of thread so that he finds his way in the Labyrinth of detoxification.

The Labyrinth

Theseus enters the Labyrinth to end my so-called friend the Minotaur.

First day, I don’t set the bar too high, I just want to live a day without alcohol. It’s easy, I had so much drink the day before.

On this momentum I try a second day. I impose on myself the memories of all these mornings where Theseus tickled my conscience, producing pain and disgust for myself, for my weakness towards the Minotaur.

Third day, I force myself to remember all the behaviors monstrously negative that I had during my voluntary intoxications.

Fourth day, I look at others’s alcoholic wanderings as critically as possible. All of which can remind me of the behavioral image I had during my alcohol intoxication.

Day five I weigh the good and the bad about alcoholism. My thinking has become rational again, finding no good side.

Sixth day, I analyze and synthesize the previous days, to now use it as a new course of action.

It’s Sunday, Ariane made her way. Theseus understood that the Minotaur was immortal, but not invincible. You just have to despise it.

The exit from the labyrinth

Two months later, I have the impression that my withdrawal was not very hard. In any case, much less difficult than losing all my social ties, my friends of delirium, bistro and suffering.

Theseus won the intellectual battle, it opened my mind, my new interests became naturally incompatible with my old world.

After two years without alcohol, I’m still hooked on my wire Ariane, despite having found my way out of the Labyrinth.

Now it’s been 22 years without alcohol, Theseus has been missing for a long time, I think I’m cured. I’m very proud to say no to alcohol.

Ariane became my guardian angel. In the end, she was one with Theseus. Its presence is essential, so as never to lose track of my criticisms of the toxicity of alcohol and its culture.

This culture is so powerful that most doctors, being consumers themselves, and despite their ten years of study, minimize the consumption of beverage containing ethanol called alcohol.

Societal culture or rather a scientific inculture which is well established. They make all discussions against this liquid inaudible. Trying to get people to admit that wine is a drug, it’s still a waste of 2020.

The Minotaur still has a bright future ahead of it, but it will be without me.

In my opinion

I am against the ban on alcohol which is counterproductive, everyone must remain free from these lifestyle choices. However, education will be longer, but more effective.

Educate doctors, who will educate adults, who in turn educate children. But it will still take years to get there. The power of the wine lobbies made the government give up, which wanted to make positive propaganda with a month of January 2020 without alcohol.

For information:
Any glass of alcohol contains ethanol. It is a psychotropic drug, it is toxic and considered to be a carcinogen. It is therefore part of the carcinogens classified in group 1 (carcinogens for humans) by the IARC (International Center for Research on Cancer).

To my family, my loved ones, my entourage and to strangers whom I had not respected …
Minotaur AllCool – Original Painting


Minotaur at symbolic level

At the symbolic level, the Minotaur represents the man dominated by his instinctive impulses.

He is a very well-known figure from the Greek zooanthropic bestiary, which has been used in numerous works, in art, literature, cinema, role-playing and video games.

Minos had become king thanks to Poseidon in exchange for the sacrifice of a superb all-white bull. But Minos had sacrificed another beast. Upset, Poseidon made Minos’ wife fall in love with the bull.

The fruits of this relationship produced the Minotaur, who will be a fabulous monster with the body of a man and with the head of a bull or half-man and half-bull.


he is locked up by Minos in the labyrinth. Located in the center of Crete, the labyrinth is specially built by Dédale so that the Minotaur cannot escape it and that no one discovers its existence.

Every nine years, Aegean, king of Athens, will be forced to deliver seven boys and seven girls to the Minotaur who will feed on this human flesh.

Theseus, son of Aegean, will volunteer to go into the labyrinth and kill the monster.

Previously, Theseus met Ariane, the daughter of Minos, who fell in love with him and to whom he promised marriage.

Knowing what awaited her, Ariane gave Theseus a spool of thread, so that he would unroll it in the labyrinth, to find his way back if he came out alive from the fight.

The Minotaur will be killed thanks to the help of Ariadne, who dreamed of marrying Theseus. But, once the Minotaur is killed, Theseus will immediately forget Ariadne.

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Acrylic Painting - Pigmentary

tmpx Peinture Pigmentaire - Etiquette sociétale

Today, only nostalgia can explain the use of oil paintings.

Acrylic pigment paints are a type of paint using pigments mixed with an aqueous emulsion of polyacrylic or polyvinyl synthetic resins, dilutable with water. Like oil paints, acrylic paints last over time, but oil paints are harmful and polluting. Today all cars are painted with water-based paints.

Aluminum Panel Painting


Aluminum Composite Panel
High-quality composite panel consisting of 2 Al5005 aluminum siding 0.3mm thick and a polyethylene core 2.4mm thick, for a total of 3mm.

Advantages of Alupanel composite panels:
– High quality visual appearance
– High-end support
– Lightweight
– Dimensional stability
– High rigidity
– Excellent flatness
– Resists shock, corrosion and UV

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