Farida – Original Painting

Farida – Original Painting

Farida – Original Painting

Digital – tmpx – June 21, 2020
Painting – tmpx – 24 Juin 2020

Themes: societal, allegory (visual arts)

Free download for reproduction or other of the work ‘ Farida – tmpx’ on your walls, panels or banners.
Read the note * .txt included in the Farida – tmpx.zip folder

– 8 files * .SGV for plotting machines or laser cutting or other with dimensions +/- 150 cm * 150 cm
– 2 * .PNG files

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Farida - original - painting street art - tmpx

Farida – Original Painting

Digital – tmpx – June 21, 2020
Painting – tmpx – June 24, 2020
Unique tmpx Artwork
Painting on old wood plywood
Themes: societal, allegory (visual arts)

Sizes cm : 90 x 102
Sizes inch : 35 x 40

Signed by the author
+ Certificate of authenticity

Farida – Original Painting

street art artwork tmpx – Farida – Original Painting

Farida, allegory of a white cuffed and bloodied blouse.

Image stronger than three pebbles sent, not to armored gas, but to expression of contempt.

This image goes beyond a demonstrator who sends stones in the direction of the cops and who is caught, then handcuffed with very great violence.

Farida’s charisma obviously has something to do with it.
I hope his courage will be stronger than ex-boxer Dettinger. Surely very badly advised where he chose as a line of defense, the repentant, that did not prevent him from going to sheet metal, what a mess.

For the moment Farida symbolizes the discomfort and fed-up of too good a false, infantilizing, mind-numbing communication, widely relayed by the media claiming to be independent of the power, but very grateful that their editorials have their teeth.

If Farida chooses to fight to defend her non-consensual behavior, she will have to remain deaf to good thinking.
She will be condemned, while she takes the opportunity to express the abysmal dismay of the caregiver.

Honor and Fatherland as the other would say. In preview to the medals promised for July 14, was awarded to a nurse, a muddy medal in her mouth.

#celle_qui_en_a… another allegory.

Le bal des gazes adaptation of Le Bal des Laze @michelpolnareff

I will be hanged tomorrow morning
My life was not done
to be gassed

Everything happened this evening in June
We took our heads full
I got

Method to get @banksy style

With this table, try to make @banksy on your walls, panels or banners.
This drawing is specially developed to be reproduced in the form of a stencil to be contoured or cut out.
It’s easy, fast and true to the original.

Download files for free:
The * .zip file includes:

  • 1 * .txt file
  • 2 * .png files
  • 8 * .svg files

For other formats or dimensions, if possible, write to contact@tmpx.fr

Get around

2 * .png files provided to cut out the forms, compatible with all your computers.
Project on your support using a video projector.
Bypass the shapes or other shapes, then paint with a brush or a spray can if you are specific.
video example >drawing using a video projector


8 files provided for cutting -extension *.svg compatible with CNC, Laser machines …
They are saved for a square format of 150 * 150 cm.

Cut the shapes, either manually, or by cnc or laser, in a thick tarpaulin style plastic canvas or plywood or other. Attention, the paper curls quickly under the effect of the humidity of the paint, it is quickly unmanageable.

Using special building tape, glue the four corners of your stencil to your support.
With spray cans or others, paint in the holes with the corresponding colors.

A single stencil requires a lot of details, but it’s manageable.

With three stencils corresponding to the three colors, no details, just to fill the holes in the corresponding paints.
For this, do not put tape on the corners of the corners, of the first stencil, to mark them with paints, it will help you to place the next stencil precisely.

But other surely more effective methods will spark your imagination …

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Licence Creative CommonsDigital File
Better resolution on request contact@tmpx.fr

Original Painting Photography
This work is made available under the terms of the
Licence Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

The work can be used to make copies, broadcasts, modifications. But the name of the author “tmpx.fr” must be visible.

Size 2500 px (Large side) – Maximum resolution 72 pp

The author of a work of the mind enjoys on this work, by the mere fact of its creation, an intangible property right exclusive and enforceable against all “. Article L. 111-1 of the intellectual property code (French)

Acrylic Painting - Pigmentary

tmpx Peinture Pigmentaire - Etiquette sociétale

Today, only nostalgia can explain the use of oil paintings.

Acrylic pigment paints are a type of paint using pigments mixed with an aqueous emulsion of polyacrylic or polyvinyl synthetic resins, dilutable with water. Like oil paints, acrylic paints last over time, but oil paints are harmful and polluting. Today all cars are painted with water-based paints.