AFP info Discount – Copy Painting

AFP info Discount – Copy Painting


AFP info Discount – Copy Painting

Hahnemühle Fine Art Printing
Several Sizes
Signed by the author
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AFP infos Discount - originale - copie - peinture néo expressionnisme - tmpx

AFP info Discount – Copy Painting 

Digital – tmpx – May 9, 2019
Painting – tmpx – December 2019

Hahnemühle Fine Art Printing

: societal, propaganda

Sizes cm : 75 x 60 x 0.3
Sizes inch : 29.53 x 23.62 x 0.12

Signed by the author

AFP info Discount – Copy Painting

Neo expressionism artwork tmpx – AFP info Discount – Copy Painting

Here > The original artwork tmpx

Propaganda is a concept designating a set of persuasion techniques, implemented to propagate with all available means, an idea, an opinion, an ideology or a doctrine and stimulate the adoption of behaviors within a target audience .

AFP. Discount info

Info repeated in choirs by all media.
Discount: English discount (“discount, discount”), coming from the old French desconter.

AFP: Agence France-Presse
The France-Presse agency (AFP) is a global and general press agency of French origin responsible for collecting, verifying, cross-checking and disseminating information, in a neutral, reliable form that can be used directly by all types of media (radios , television, print media, websites)

Circumstance pleonasm

The comical moment on the part of a French president was to have denounced before Putin, the Rt and Sputnik media as “organs of influence, propaganda and false propaganda” ‘sic’

Circumstance pleonasm. Why differentiate propaganda and false propaganda, as if the two did not have the same aim of influencing, that is to say of deceiving the mass….

Here, I am having fun improvising French journalist in c / c an article found on which goes pretty well with what I think.

Propaganda agency that shapes information

All ducks pay to access the feeds of information delivered by this agency. Journalists are simply responsible for copying cleverly for the most brilliant of these dispatches.

And you, the branques, you always have this unpleasant feeling each time you multiply the channels and the sources of information (TV, radios, newspapers for the rare idiots who are still full of propaganda, internet, …), of n only have progressively poor resuscitations from AFP.

Your embarrassment is justified. You have the same info dispatched by hundreds of tips.

The ideal in fact would be to connect all French people directly to the AFP for a fee like for television.

It would be cheaper for the French and we would no longer need this caste of stash, poorly disguised communicators of power, who supposedly keep democracy alive against billions of subsidies.

Information pluralism is forged on the AFP single channel.

And if your newspapers are useless, illegible and dying, it is because the investigation has been relegated to oblivion for lack of money and perhaps of credibility.

AFP compiles.

The newspapers are more or less compiles of the AFP.

Some say that 80-90% of the information circulating in France comes from there.

And some newspapers and televisions (i-tv, Bfm, …), especially on the internet, live only because the AFP provides them with all their information.

The pyramid system also reproduces in this field and it is very naive to continue to believe in its diversity.

It is therefore a question of trusting the neutrality of AFP journalists and the foresight of other Carrefour, ED, Leclerc and Auchan news reports.

AFP says it employs 3,700 people of 80 different nationalities, including many freelancers.

It provides information in six languages ​​(French, English, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Arabic),…

As you will have understood, the AFP is a soft power, a means for France to weigh, to communicate, to control the information that it sends around the world via this agency.

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Advantages of Alupanel composite panels:

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They are ideal for exhibitions, art collections and editions planned to last.
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Natural felts of special design give these papers their unique surface.
This gives the pattern a three-dimensional character which improves the image result thanks to its high intensity.
FineArt papers made from cotton or alpha-cellulose are distinguished by their strong hand, their exceptional volume and their particular texture.

With high-resolution inkjet coating which enables impressive color and detail to be restored, producing magnificent contrasts and bringing out intense blacks, FineArt inkjet papers constitute a luxurious set of high quality products. range.

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